Website Designer

What I Do

I create websites using WordPress. I charge a flat fee between $300 and $400 depending on the complexity of your site. I can do a design based on photos you have, a site you already have, or your ideas. I can also just make something beautiful. It’s up to you. My charge does not include domain registration. I prefer that folks keep control over their own domains. An easy way to register your domain, whether you use me as a designer or not, is to go to Google Domains and search until you find what you want and then register it. The cost is $12 a year.

What I Don’t Do

I don’t do e-commerce sites and I don’t do sites like Squarespace. I don’t do sites like Squarespace because there’s no need – they do a great job of big open sites with huge graphics and highly stylized fonts and colors. They are not that expensive and you can make gorgeous sites with easy-to-use templates. They also do e-commerce.

WordPress Themes I Commonly Use

These are themes that can be modified in a wide variety of ways. They are themes that I think are nicely designed and look good on all size of devices. They make a good starting point. For some reason, I’ve given them the name of human beings. For two of them, I’ve created a bunch of variations on Pinterest to show you what you can do by just changing the color or background image.

Amy Joyce
You can see this theme here.

Finley Bowler

You can see this theme here.

Amy Joyce  |   Variations on Pinterest

Finley Bowler  |   Variations on Pinterest.

Jackie Peyton
You can see this theme here.

Scott Hoffman
You can see this theme here.

Gloria Bechdel
You can see this theme in action here.

Other Themes

There’s also the option of creating a site using a new theme. There are hundreds and hundreds out there. Here’s one place you can see some. Here’s a list of popular restaurant themes. Some themes are free, some are not. Generally, if you are using the theme for professional reasons, it’s worth getting the Premium version of it. This will give you more control over how the theme looks and generally makes life easier. Themes generally cost from $29 – $89.  The themes I have listed above are themes I own and there’s no charge for them.

Recent Sites I’ve Made

Tanom Counseling

Black Hops Farm

Deb Scott, LCSW (Design is done; still working on content)

How I Work

You can email me or call me and we’ll talk about what you want and I’ll tell you whether or not I can do it and what it will cost. I will ask for a $50 deposit. We’ll set a go-live date.  I will then create a mock site for you and you’ll then have the chance to make changes. I will give you full access to your site so you can make changes in the future if you want (like if you change your hours) or I can make those changes for you. The remainder of your fee will be due on the go-live date we’ve agreed on. This is true whether we are completely finished or not (unless the reason we are not finished is because of delays on my end.) I will still work to finish your site, but I find that this process can drag out for a long time unless I set some boundaries. It’s fine if something comes up and you want to put working on the site aside before the go-live date, but I will ask to get paid and I will be here when you’re ready to finish.

What the Fees Include

My fees include the design of the site, hosting for one year and help with content if needed. I am happy to write copy for your site, but if it goes beyond a certain point I will charge an additional fee. I will discuss where that point is when we first get going. After the first year, hosting is $65 a year. If you want to host your own site, that’s fine.